Bagua Map

Identifying the Bagua Map For Feng Shui

Identifying the Bagua Map For Feng Shui

Identifying the Bagua (also found as ba-gua or pakua) is the most important tool to analyze the energy of any environment, as this displays the rules for that place. Call it a map of the energy present in the environment. This map shows the aspects of life within a person’s home.

Representation of a Bagua Map

9 areas list – Identifying the Bagua Map For Feng Shui

Money or prosperity defines success in wealth, opulence, comfort, security.

Fame defines how well-known a person is within his/her environment.

Love or relationships defines the way we connect to people.

Family defines the way we interact within our family tree.

Health defines our physical and mental well being.

Creativity defines the use of the imagination or the creation of original ideas.

Knowledge defines the skills be acquire.

Career defines what direction our life will go towards.

Travel defines where we want to physically be.

Virtual Bagua Map

We can find different representations for the Bagua, the base follows its structure, color, and form. Many schools show different approaches, all focusing on the well-being of the person. Remember that your home reflects who you are, where you are in life, and where you want to be. If you have difficulties navigating the Bagua Map, you can download a Free PDF. This document will guide you to start mapping your home with Feng Shui Bagua Map.

Free Bagua Map Navigation in PDF Format