How to ignite the flame of love.

One of the things that we learn at school is to put out a flame with water. Water that transparent the element that we drink and use to put out a fire. If we start with that premise that water kills fires, then we also can follow it within Feng Shui. Now the next question comes to be as how do we define water?. The element of water in most of our books is never transparent, but they show it with the color blue. So how to ignite the flame of love?

How do we define fire?

How to ignite the flame of love.

In the picture, we can see different shades of orange, red, bright yellow, etc. In nature fire color can be appreciated like on the picture above, but what if we place the color blue instead of red?. That would probably extinguish that flame, so does it the same way within Feng Shui.

The Love Area

Let us imagine having 2 red candles in the love area, bright red, fire red, etc. Will, that ignites the fire in love? how to ignite the flame of love?
The answer is yes and no.
It will ignite the passion within the relationship, but if we have too much, we might get burnt.
Now let us imagine a blue room that we decided to paint, and we place 2 red candles for love. Do we think this will help ignite passion?

Fire & Water

Having fire on a corner and putting a bucket of water on top, the flame will disappear as fast as pouring down the bucket.
The wrong combination for that area. Mixing water and fire will give out steam, which for a while, that might work, but once the logs lose the heat, that will give you that feeling as before.


What is the solution? As like playing with fire and water, we got to have the appropriate mix, enough fire that water can’t kill, enough to create steam. Always think that a blue room, with red candles, will not work out as quite expected, because you need enough warmth to keep the relationship going.