Is knowledge power? find out this practical item for it.

The big question on our minds, is knowledge power? Of course, the way to grow is by learning using different tools. Certainly going to school is one of the most useful tools. Therefore at school is were learn how to do things in different areas. It might be a math class to understand how much is 1+1. Or a physics class that turns our world around, discovering new ways of doing things. For that reason, we learn and get new ideas.

Knowledge is power.

Knowledge encourages us to grow towards something better, acquiring different skills through education. While this might be theoretical or practical, it does take us somewhere. It might be learning a new language for our jobs, or even learning different things at school. But sometimes it seems that we can’t concentrate, and we feel stuck. Then we tend to fail that English exam which we knew everything. Is it not written in the stars for us to pass?

The knowledge area of power.

Is knowledge power? find out this practical item for it.

Energies are all around us, and sometimes objects can help us support different areas within the Bagua Map. If we need to concentrate on that exam or that light of understanding, there is an area for this. The Knowledge area supports everything to do with learning and concentration. By activating that area, we prevent those failed attempts on that English exam. Do you remember the quote: “It’s 70% confidence and 30% knowledge.”

How to activate that support?

The answer to that question is looking at you right now, and it is called Books. Your books have that needed energy in addition to your won. Start studying in that area of your room or home. Build a library or study area within that knowledge area to start feeling that energy moving. Keep that area tidy or you might get that negative effect.