Blocked creatively? There is a solution.

There is always a solution when we feel blocked creatively. One day we might find ourselves very creative painting that beautiful artwork. Or It can even be those new sentences for a paragraph. Everything requires creativity to find the optimal solution. Without it, people might never find a better solution to a problem. What to do when we lack creativity? perhaps go outside for a walk?

How do we define creativity? Blocked creatively? There is a solution.

Creativity is something that allows us to create. It can be music composition or even that excel sheet with complicated formulas. It is the way to convert something into art. Like a child painting a dragon, or a painter creating a masterpiece, we all need some creativity. We need to get inspired maybe by our environment. Or even by going out for coffee. All ways lead towards our environments.

The art of inspiration

So If we are blocked creatively and there is a solution. Where or What should I do? The flow of creativity starts first by looking where we have clutter in the Bagua map. Once we cleaned that area, we can now proceed with the next step. Energies are real once we understand that the flow will help us not only with creativity but with much more. Go to your creativity area and ask yourself if that environment is good for it?

Outcome of inspiration

Inspiration can come with music or for example people watching. It may come from different sources, like magazines or even TV. Feng Shui has an area for creativity, which involves having it free of clutter and maybe a tip of creative work. Placing specific colors and objects may help the creativity flow. One of the biggest creativity destroyers is a cluttered room. Place items that remind your creative work.