A Merry Big Christmas

Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la A Merry Big Christmas
As Christmas approaches and the day comes, we probably start getting the Christmas stress. The buying of gifts, groceries, making plans, trying to make all things happen all for what we think Christmas is. In other words, things instead of what is important.

A Merry Big Christmas.

Marvelous things can happen, in addition to placing in the right location, our Christmas trees. After that Kids playing and probably asking for toys, teenagers that new trend, and the rest?. As we age, we realize that gifts will not replace moments, we focus on one goal being with Family.


Family is the people close to us, friends, co-workers, anyone that gets close enough for us to say, family. How we feel about each other is the question. Lucky for us Feng Shui has a family area which is represented by wood. Within the Bagua Map, there is an area for family, which will enhance it for instance by placing that Christmas Tree there. Other options for example are placing items that represent Family.

Best Gift

A Merry Big Christmas

Place that big green tree on the Family area as this will enhance your traditions and bring people closer. Decorate it as you want to see your family and let that positive energy into your family. People that are happy with the family will probably automatically place the tree there, for those that want to get closer to family, or have family issues, they may want to place this year that magical tree in the family area of the Bagua. And let that silent energy flow making what you thought was going to be a normal Christmas become a Magical Christmas.