What Happens After You Applied Feng Shui

What Happens After You Applied Feng Shui ?, a quick talk on this topic, short Interview, one year after she requested a Feng Shui consultation, finding out the new path for her life empowering her towards the next level. Feng Shui doesn’t have to be complicated, but it may not be easy for us to change. Moving things around your home sounds very simple. once you move your things around with a purpose, you can see that the real struggle starts. You start doubting moving that painting to the other wall or adding a blue pillow to the Sofa. but why?

But What Happens After You Applied Feng Shui? During the process you will feel how your life changes, and at that point you will have to decide where your life should be. Feng Shui will test if you are ready for that life that is good for you and good for the rest. It is not about the rest, it starts with you firsts, but then you will see how the rest and your path align into balance allowing you to be where you are suppose to be.