Feng Shui Health

Feng Shui Health is not only great to have, nowadays more. In Feng Shui health is the center of everything. The main axle where everything moves around. There are different options to enhance your health, but the most important step is to find it. Where is the health area of our homes? In this short video, we discover how to find this area. Once you can map this area in your home, you can start enhancing it.

On the Bagua Health Area, this is not only about not getting sick. It can work in various forms. For example if you would like to loose weight, gain weight, be better in a sport, or adjust your health for the better.
Using the Bagua Map, it is possible to map your Body and it’s aches. By analyzing each area, this reflects each part of your Body within your home. There are different levels in which Feng Shui can help you thrive in various areas. Basically in the most important area, your life!

The video explains where to find your Health Area, more information on mapping the Bagua.