Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la A Merry Big Christmas
As Christmas approaches and the day comes, we probably start getting the Christmas stress. The buying of gifts, groceries, making plans, trying to make all things happen all for what we think Christmas is. In other words, things instead of what is important.

A Merry Big Christmas.

Marvelous things can happen, in addition to placing in the right location, our Christmas trees. After that Kids playing and probably asking for toys, teenagers that new trend, and the rest?. As we age, we realize that gifts will not replace moments, we focus on one goal being with Family.


Family is the people close to us, friends, co-workers, anyone that gets close enough for us to say, family. How we feel about each other is the question. Lucky for us Feng Shui has a family area which is represented by wood. Within the Bagua Map, there is an area for family, which will enhance it for instance by placing that Christmas Tree there. Other options for example are placing items that represent Family.

Best Gift

A Merry Big Christmas

Place that big green tree on the Family area as this will enhance your traditions and bring people closer. Decorate it as you want to see your family and let that positive energy into your family. People that are happy with the family will probably automatically place the tree there, for those that want to get closer to family, or have family issues, they may want to place this year that magical tree in the family area of the Bagua. And let that silent energy flow making what you thought was going to be a normal Christmas become a Magical Christmas.

Can clutter vs. clutter become so explosive that our life stays in one place? There are different types of clutter that we place in our daily life. For example, making breakfast and leaving all the dishes in the sink. Or as simple as organized clutter (Leaving dishes in the dishwasher). What is the catch you might ask yourself? All is a cluttered space.

Arranging Clutter

We can organize clutter, but is it still clutter? The answer is yes/no.

How does clutter affect us?

Going back to the example or organized clutter, we might think this does not affect us. In reality, everything in our environment affects us. Leaving those dirty dishes in the sink or the dishwasher will affect us. How you may ask?. The answer is quite simple, you know!. When you get home and then realized you forgot to start your dishwasher, you might think consciously you forgot. But if we turn back time, when you placed the dishes in the dishwasher, you knew what you were doing. Now you have a smelly home with some food left for hours.

Location, location, location

Find the Money area of the Bagua and see you find having more struggles in that area. Nine areas within the Bagua are affected due to clutter. Find out which area from my newsletter (Free Bagua Map explanation). The big question is why is this happening in your life as this reflects your current situation.

No Clutter

No clutter at all is the best solution. Of course, this is not always possible with small kids, two jobs, multiple activities, etc. The Band-aid solution would be to place the clutter in an area that will not affect our current situation. As a Band-aid is not forever, the clutter must be changed. Like the picture above, you can arrange your clutter, but the big question is if it is OK to have that clutter in some area within the Bagua. The answer is yes. Just like everything leaving it in a place for a long time will start affecting our energy flow. The best solution is to start the process of de-cluttering.

Sometimes we wake up in the morning moving around thinking about health with a feeling that we don’t feel as healthy we should. Then we think about a reason for this state not sleeping enough, maybe food we are eating, unsure we continue. During the day we think about this and find no reason at all. Is it something we re-arranged? Find health support with this tip.

Give me some health.

Want to Feel Healthy? Banana. One day we say enough and decide to become more healthy. Meaning change our current state into a complete physical and mental empowerment. We set up the timer for 6 A.M. for us to wake up and start jogging, buy that Gym subscription and plan to start on Monday. Get all those healthy vegetables and fruits to start our days with a smoothie. We are ready to change our life!. Suddenly even with all this preparation, something still stops us from that healthy life. The lazy feeling, then I’ll start tomorrow, or I’m too tired now. We ask ourselves what is wrong? We want to be healthy but find it so difficult.

Find health support with this tip.

Want to Feel Healthy? Banana. One day we say enough and decide to become more healthy. Meaning change our current state into a complete physical and mental empowerment. We set up the timer for 6 A.M. for us to wake up and start jogging, buy that Gym subscription and plan to start on Monday. Get all those healthy vegetables and fruits to start our days with a smoothie. We are ready to change our life!. Suddenly even with all this preparation, something still stops us from that healthy life. The lazy feeling, then I’ll start tomorrow, or I’m too tired now. We ask ourselves what is wrong? We want to be healthy but find it so difficult.

Answer? Fruits?

Find health support with this tip.

Health is another pillar on our well being. We need our environment to support us. It doesn’t have to be hard to be healthy. The area of health is within the Bagua. Placing, for example, Bananas, healthy fruits will encourage that environment support. Just having that visualization of healthy fruits every day within the health area, will give you that extra boost. You can also place Health items within that area that will also support you in that healthy road.

There is always a solution when we feel blocked creatively. One day we might find ourselves very creative painting that beautiful artwork. Or It can even be those new sentences for a paragraph. Everything requires creativity to find the optimal solution. Without it, people might never find a better solution to a problem. What to do when we lack creativity? perhaps go outside for a walk?

How do we define creativity? Blocked creatively? There is a solution.

Creativity is something that allows us to create. It can be music composition or even that excel sheet with complicated formulas. It is the way to convert something into art. Like a child painting a dragon, or a painter creating a masterpiece, we all need some creativity. We need to get inspired maybe by our environment. Or even by going out for coffee. All ways lead towards our environments.

The art of inspiration

So If we are blocked creatively and there is a solution. Where or What should I do? The flow of creativity starts first by looking where we have clutter in the Bagua map. Once we cleaned that area, we can now proceed with the next step. Energies are real once we understand that the flow will help us not only with creativity but with much more. Go to your creativity area and ask yourself if that environment is good for it?

Outcome of inspiration

Inspiration can come with music or for example people watching. It may come from different sources, like magazines or even TV. Feng Shui has an area for creativity, which involves having it free of clutter and maybe a tip of creative work. Placing specific colors and objects may help the creativity flow. One of the biggest creativity destroyers is a cluttered room. Place items that remind your creative work.

My mirror inside my bedroom?. When we wake up every morning, the first thing we see when we open our eyes is probably the ceiling. But close to it, a mirror might be standing aside. We might feel the need to look into our mirror and see our reflection realizing that we just woke up. As a result, we go to the bathroom and ask ourselves one question. “What’s the problem with my reflection? my mirror inside my bedroom.” We shower and get ready finishing by looking into the mirror.

Is there a problem with my reflection?

A reflection is a wave of light transforming and forming what we call the mirror. This mirror reflects good things and bad things. Is waking up early and going first to see our reflection a good idea or a bad idea?. If we look amazing than this would be a great idea. As a result of this, we feel amazing. But on the other side, waking up like a ghost, this might not be a good idea using a mirror in the morning.

Bedroom mirror watching us? my mirror inside my bedroom.

Mirrors may reflect good and bad energy. Our reflection in the morning is not the best. This changes after we get ready to leave our homes. We can control how we are going to look before facing a mirror. It takes us a short period between looking like a ghost and amazing.

What’s the problem with my reflection?

We have no control over the mirror when it points towards us. Mirrors in our bedrooms are pointing towards us, as a result, our reflection might be positive or negative. When we are sleeping the energy reflected towards us, may be positive or negative. We might wake up super tired or super happy. We have no control over our dreams and our days. Therefore we have no control during our sleep, pointing mirrors might end up being bad for us. Not letting us sleep, or even adding negative energy on that reflection.

There are specific places you can place mirrors using the Bagua Map, but that is another story.

The big question on our minds, is knowledge power? Of course, the way to grow is by learning using different tools. Certainly going to school is one of the most useful tools. Therefore at school is were learn how to do things in different areas. It might be a math class to understand how much is 1+1. Or a physics class that turns our world around, discovering new ways of doing things. For that reason, we learn and get new ideas.

Knowledge is power.

Knowledge encourages us to grow towards something better, acquiring different skills through education. While this might be theoretical or practical, it does take us somewhere. It might be learning a new language for our jobs, or even learning different things at school. But sometimes it seems that we can’t concentrate, and we feel stuck. Then we tend to fail that English exam which we knew everything. Is it not written in the stars for us to pass?

The knowledge area of power.

Is knowledge power? find out this practical item for it.

Energies are all around us, and sometimes objects can help us support different areas within the Bagua Map. If we need to concentrate on that exam or that light of understanding, there is an area for this. The Knowledge area supports everything to do with learning and concentration. By activating that area, we prevent those failed attempts on that English exam. Do you remember the quote: “It’s 70% confidence and 30% knowledge.”

How to activate that support?

The answer to that question is looking at you right now, and it is called Books. Your books have that needed energy in addition to your won. Start studying in that area of your room or home. Build a library or study area within that knowledge area to start feeling that energy moving. Keep that area tidy or you might get that negative effect.

Is green always the color of money? Some might agree with you, some might disagree. But in Feng Shui, this might be certain for specific items and not just the color. If we look at the Bagua map, we might find out the real color of prosperity. Which is not entirely green as you might think.

Money is prosperity?

Independently of the color, what is money? and what is prosperity?. These are two different definitions that we have to make clear within Feng Shui. Money is green and it’s made of paper, this allows us to exchange services, goods, and other things. Now if we define prosperity, we can define it as a state of mind. Therefore prosperity is the target of Feng Shui. As it does not matter how much green paper you have if you don’t feel prosperous.


If prosperity is the intention, then the focus should not be on acquiring more. Unless you believe that being prosperous means acquiring things and more things. In other words, if you think you have, this will be there for you. If you think you lack and don’t have, or can’t afford it, then you are not thinking towards prosperity. But rather towards hardship and failure. Luckily for all of us, we have Feng Shui to help us in that area.

Green Color of Money

Is green always the color of money?

Looking into the Bagua map we might find the color of the prosperity area is actually purple and not green. In other words, green is not purple, or is it? This might require more analysis but Purple is the color of Prosperity.

One of the most powerful items in Feng Shui are living things. As a result, they move, absorb, and enhance energies. Different areas can be enhanced, but for prosperity how about using the well known Pachira Aquatica or money tree.

We all have passed by a time were Family issues arise, which is normal, we are all humans and we have different needs. Sometimes without realizing we place the wrong objects, color, positions, which trigger the reaction. That reaction might be constant fighting or a feeling of distance and no support. All feelings might trigger the wrong path, breaking up a family.
So How balance your Family Relationship?

How balance your Family Relationship – Family Close Or Far

Energy connects us all in different ways, the family is one of them. Families create a strong bond connecting energy at a deep level. Your mother and your father, these two individuals connect again with their mother and father, and that creates what we call a family tree. This tree can grow big, but sometimes some branches break. It can be a money issue, it can be an emotional issue, something is created destroying a branch.

The Family Tree

In Feng Shui, all is about the energy flow, and like a plant or tree, strong roots make this tree flourish. All its leaf and branches grow healthy unless something happens. It may not matter the distance, on how far a family member is from each other, but the energetic bond. Just like a tree that takes the right amount of water, the family area does the same.

Balance your Family relationship

How to balance your Family Relationship – Wood & Water

A tree grows based on earth, enough water, a temperature. What happens to a small tree when we give too much water?. You will start to see the leaf change from bright green getting, then yellow, to brown. The roots will probably start to rot, and in time, the whole tree dies. So how to not drown your family relationships?


If we know that the area of the Bagua for Family exists and it’s Wood Green, that is giving you already the explanation on how to not drown Family. As we can see that water helps wood grow, and as a tree with branches, it does need to drink. The area within the Bagua requests greens and blues in the mix.

How to not drown your family relationships?

Can we actually drown a family area by using these colors? The answer will always depend on the balance in the area. If the area contains wood elements and blues, this means that the family tree is setting strong roots. But what if we had everything blue and no wood at all?. The family would stand on an unstable floor because as riding a boat on the ocean, we can’t really stand on top of the water. Green represents wood, so if we have this type of mix, our family life’s close and far away will always have long branches with green leaf.

One of the things that we learn at school is to put out a flame with water. Water that transparent the element that we drink and use to put out a fire. If we start with that premise that water kills fires, then we also can follow it within Feng Shui. Now the next question comes to be as how do we define water?. The element of water in most of our books is never transparent, but they show it with the color blue. So how to ignite the flame of love?

How do we define fire?

How to ignite the flame of love.

In the picture, we can see different shades of orange, red, bright yellow, etc. In nature fire color can be appreciated like on the picture above, but what if we place the color blue instead of red?. That would probably extinguish that flame, so does it the same way within Feng Shui.

The Love Area

Let us imagine having 2 red candles in the love area, bright red, fire red, etc. Will, that ignites the fire in love? how to ignite the flame of love?
The answer is yes and no.
It will ignite the passion within the relationship, but if we have too much, we might get burnt.
Now let us imagine a blue room that we decided to paint, and we place 2 red candles for love. Do we think this will help ignite passion?

Fire & Water

Having fire on a corner and putting a bucket of water on top, the flame will disappear as fast as pouring down the bucket.
The wrong combination for that area. Mixing water and fire will give out steam, which for a while, that might work, but once the logs lose the heat, that will give you that feeling as before.


What is the solution? As like playing with fire and water, we got to have the appropriate mix, enough fire that water can’t kill, enough to create steam. Always think that a blue room, with red candles, will not work out as quite expected, because you need enough warmth to keep the relationship going.

Identifying the Bagua Map For Feng Shui

Identifying the Bagua (also found as ba-gua or pakua) is the most important tool to analyze the energy of any environment, as this displays the rules for that place. Call it a map of the energy present in the environment. This map shows the aspects of life within a person’s home.

Representation of a Bagua Map

9 areas list – Identifying the Bagua Map For Feng Shui

Money or prosperity defines success in wealth, opulence, comfort, security.

Fame defines how well-known a person is within his/her environment.

Love or relationships defines the way we connect to people.

Family defines the way we interact within our family tree.

Health defines our physical and mental well being.

Creativity defines the use of the imagination or the creation of original ideas.

Knowledge defines the skills be acquire.

Career defines what direction our life will go towards.

Travel defines where we want to physically be.

Virtual Bagua Map

We can find different representations for the Bagua, the base follows its structure, color, and form. Many schools show different approaches, all focusing on the well-being of the person. Remember that your home reflects who you are, where you are in life, and where you want to be. If you have difficulties navigating the Bagua Map, you can download a Free PDF. This document will guide you to start mapping your home with Feng Shui Bagua Map.

Free Bagua Map Navigation in PDF Format