Feng Shui Consultancy

Feng Shui The Root Cause Event

The Root Cause Event, a small Introduction on Feng Shui in Lake Worth, FL.powered by 9things2change.com & mindandspiritwellness.com https://youtu.be/D2r0CrAfFXE
Space Clearing

How Do I Clear The Energy Within My Own Home

This is how I clear the energy within my own home. Using Sage, Orange, Sound to dissolve bad energy, and improve the area.
Feng Shui Video

Feng Shui Health

Quick Tips on Feng Shui Health. The video explains where to find your Health Area, more information on mapping the Bagua.
Feng Shui Video

What Happens After You Applied Feng Shui

A quick talk on what happens when you Applied Feng Shui your home. ( 1 Year After ) a quick talk on this topic, short Interview, one year after she requested a Feng Shui consultation
Feng Shui Video

What Your Home Reflects

What Your Home Reflects is a quick overview on how Feng Shui is involve and why? Because Feng Shui can map your past, present and future of your life

A Merry Big Christmas

As Christmas approaches and the day comes, we probably start getting the Christmas stress. without realizing a great gift. A Merry Big Christmas.