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My mirror inside my bedroom?. When we wake up every morning, the first thing we see when we open our eyes is probably the ceiling. But close to it, a mirror might be standing aside. We might feel the need to look into our mirror and see our reflection realizing that we just woke up. As a result, we go to the bathroom and ask ourselves one question. “What’s the problem with my reflection? my mirror inside my bedroom.” We shower and get ready finishing by looking into the mirror.

Is there a problem with my reflection?

A reflection is a wave of light transforming and forming what we call the mirror. This mirror reflects good things and bad things. Is waking up early and going first to see our reflection a good idea or a bad idea?. If we look amazing than this would be a great idea. As a result of this, we feel amazing. But on the other side, waking up like a ghost, this might not be a good idea using a mirror in the morning.

Bedroom mirror watching us? my mirror inside my bedroom.

Mirrors may reflect good and bad energy. Our reflection in the morning is not the best. This changes after we get ready to leave our homes. We can control how we are going to look before facing a mirror. It takes us a short period between looking like a ghost and amazing.

What’s the problem with my reflection?

We have no control over the mirror when it points towards us. Mirrors in our bedrooms are pointing towards us, as a result, our reflection might be positive or negative. When we are sleeping the energy reflected towards us, may be positive or negative. We might wake up super tired or super happy. We have no control over our dreams and our days. Therefore we have no control during our sleep, pointing mirrors might end up being bad for us. Not letting us sleep, or even adding negative energy on that reflection.

There are specific places you can place mirrors using the Bagua Map, but that is another story.