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Is green always the color of money? Some might agree with you, some might disagree. But in Feng Shui, this might be certain for specific items and not just the color. If we look at the Bagua map, we might find out the real color of prosperity. Which is not entirely green as you might think.

Money is prosperity?

Independently of the color, what is money? and what is prosperity?. These are two different definitions that we have to make clear within Feng Shui. Money is green and it’s made of paper, this allows us to exchange services, goods, and other things. Now if we define prosperity, we can define it as a state of mind. Therefore prosperity is the target of Feng Shui. As it does not matter how much green paper you have if you don’t feel prosperous.


If prosperity is the intention, then the focus should not be on acquiring more. Unless you believe that being prosperous means acquiring things and more things. In other words, if you think you have, this will be there for you. If you think you lack and don’t have, or can’t afford it, then you are not thinking towards prosperity. But rather towards hardship and failure. Luckily for all of us, we have Feng Shui to help us in that area.

Green Color of Money

Is green always the color of money?

Looking into the Bagua map we might find the color of the prosperity area is actually purple and not green. In other words, green is not purple, or is it? This might require more analysis but Purple is the color of Prosperity.

One of the most powerful items in Feng Shui are living things. As a result, they move, absorb, and enhance energies. Different areas can be enhanced, but for prosperity how about using the well known Pachira Aquatica or money tree.